Weekend Interview: Actor/Developer Malik Yoba On Making CRE Work For The Many, Not The Few

This series goes deep with some of the most compelling figures in commercial real estate: the deal-makers, the game-changers, the city-shapers and the larger-than-life personalities who keep CRE interesting. Born and raised between the South Bronx and Harlem, Malik Yoba is best known for his acting career, starting with his breakout role in the 1993 cult classic Cool Runnings and parts in the TV shows Empire, New York Undercover and Arrested Development. But Yoba has been actively involved in real estate development since 2017, when he launched Yoba Development.

Malik Yoba: from ‘NY Undercover’ to NY real estate developer

Malik Yoba already beat the odds once: landing a starring role in the cult classic movie “Cool Runnings” without an agent or even a head shot. And now the actor who went on to star in the groundbreaking television series “New York Undercover” wants to break into an industry that may be even tougher than Hollywood: New York City real estate development.

Malik Yoba, actor now real estate developer, screens documentary at Miles College—details here [Photos + Video]

On Friday, June 10, Malik Yoba screened his documentary project, The Real Estate Mixtape at the NAREB Region VI Regional Conference at Miles College. The project explores real estate development and how partnerships can help make diversity in real estate a reality. Read on to learn more about Yoba’s documentary and the conference.  The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB)  is an organization that was founded to provide equal opportunity and civil rights advocacy to African-Americans in real estate as consumers and employers