Built by Yoba Development, this experience is designed to inform, inspire and empower communities of color to take action, work together, share information and opportunities, create equity, access, investment and ownership in the commercial + residential real estate developments in our neighborhoods, as a pathway to build generational wealth collectively.

Participants in this immersive two-day experience led by BIPOC entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, investors, storytellers and educators will have the opportunity and privilege to be connected to a community of like-minded individuals, including high school, and college students who want access to the process of real estate, economic and community development, investing and home ownership opportunities, with the expressed purpose of promoting financial literacy, generational wealth building as well as diversity, equity and inclusion within the commercial real estate industry. In essence, we are creating a “community family office.”

Meet Our Speakers for
From the Ground Up:
Flipping the Hood

Get to know the experts who will be sharing their knowledge and insights at the premiere grass roots financial literacy and real estate development education event designed to empower communities of color to build generational wealth through investment and ownership in commercial and residential real estate developments.