How We Do It

At Yoba Development, we do it by  providing access to the process for both education and investment opportunities.  As we build ourselves, we build up the people around us, they in return will learn to build the places and things that are vital for our communities growth and sustainability. With a focus of the next generation of developers of color we can help ensure increased diversity, equity and inclusion in CRE.

Ground Up Developments

We strive to identify each community’s unique needs, then deliver the real estate and infrastructure projects that will support their success. Our ground-up development strategy focuses on taking new assets from idea to inception, leveraging the expertise of our vertically integrated team.

JV Partnerships

Our team’s unique ability and collective knowledge provides the necessary foundation for structuring the right creative joint venture partnerships.


It starts with Yoba Development’s core values: Capability, Creativity, Compassionate Capitalism and Partnerships. Our culture is premised on liking what you do and whom you do it with, minimum bureaucracy and low overhead. We value leadership and creating value/making a difference with our clients.

Educational Programs

Our high school, college and community-based education initiatives creates a pipeline for the next generation of real estate professionals.

Community Partnerships

Through community partnerships we build collaborative relationships with our local community organizations. These organizations may include libraries, health centers, schools and school districts, sources of economic support, the workforce, higher education, human services agencies, businesses, and others.