Malik Yoba, actor now real estate developer, screens documentary at Miles College—details here [Photos + Video]

Malik Yoba, actor now real estate developer, screens documentary at Miles College—details here [Photos + Video]

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Malik Yoba with Helena Johnson, CORE Coordinator (right) and Grayson Glaze, ACRE Executive Director (ACRE)

On Friday, June 10, Malik Yoba screened his documentary project, The Real Estate Mixtape at the NAREB Region VI Regional Conference at Miles College. The project explores real estate development and how partnerships can help make diversity in real estate a reality. Read on to learn more about Yoba’s documentary and the conference. 

About NAREB Region VI Conference

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB)  is an organization that was founded to provide equal opportunity and civil rights advocacy to African-Americans in real estate as consumers and employers. 

NAREB Regional VI Conference was held in Birmingham, AL for regional members’ professional development. To further bring awareness to the market opportunities in real estate development, they invited Malik Yoba to screen his documentary, The Real Estate Mixtape at Miles College to maximize student engagement. 

The Real Estate Mixtape

The Real Estate Mixtape is a documentary by Malik Yoba—a filmmaker and actor who has acted in movies and shows like New York UndercoverGod Friended Me and Cool Runnings. Now, he’s pursuing a career in real estate development after noticing the inequities in living environments on movie sets. 

Combining 2 passions

Yoba wanted to pair his love for storytelling and real estate development, so he documented his experience of returning to his home state of New York and closing on his first real estate development. 

He invited a cohort of young Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) native New Yorkers that are interested in real estate development along with him to help them get exposed and connected to the industry so they can create change. 

A conversation with Malik Yoba

Malik and Grayson engaging in conversation. (Camille Womack / Bham Now)

After the screening of the first two episodes of his documentary, Yoba held a Q&A about the documentary and his journey into real estate development. Grayson Glaze, ACRE Executive Director, spoke with Malik Yoba about their CORE program and how a partnership with them could help their cause. 

About the CORE program

CORE Students and Graduates Malik Yoba, actor now real estate developer, screens documentary at Miles College—details here [Photos + Video]
CORE Graduates with the program administrators. (Camille Womack / Bham Now)

CORE (Career Opportunities in Real Estate) is a program that aims to make change by encouraging African-Americans, Hispanics and people of color to consider careers in real estate.

Helena Johnson, CORE coordinator and graduate of The University of Alabama’s Manderson Graduate School where she earned her MBA with real estate concentration in May 2022, shared her story of how she got involved in real estate and how the CORE program equips students for entry level jobs within the real estate industry. Check out the video below.

To learn more about the CORE program and ways to get involved, visit CORE’s website TODAY!