Born in New Haven, Millionaire Mindset Brotherhood aims to end ‘poverty curse’

Born in New Haven, Millionaire Mindset Brotherhood aims to end ‘poverty curse’

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Actor Malik Yoba, right, holding the microphone, co-led lead a workshop in New Haven on accumulating wealth through real estate investing and development. The group of men who attended became inaugural members of the new Millionaire Mindset Brotherhood.

NEW HAVEN – A movement that could change the financial trajectory of thousands of men recently was born in the Elm City, in a most organic and impromptu fashion.

During a workshop with actor Malik Yoba and local real estate mogul Roberta Hoskie last month, the Millionaire Mindset Brotherhood was formed.

It’s the male counterpart to the established, international Millionaire Mindset Sisterhood founded by Hoskie.

The goal is to break the “poverty curse,” as Hoskie puts it.

The “mindset” means “Black and brown” people should learn to pursue wealth through real estate and development, as Yoba puts it.

“I feel like this was a prayer answered,” Hoskie said. “The brotherhood was something that I was often asked about by many of the men. I knew it was necessary, not just for the men, but for the young men, as well.”

Yoba, who has appeared in dozens of movies and television shows alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, starred as NYPD Detective J. C. Williams on the Fox police drama “New York Undercover” and as Yul Brenner in “Cool Runnings.”

In recent years, he has developed a keen interest in the subject of acquiring wealth through real estate investment and development.

Hoskie and Yoba became fast friends after he filmed a segment of the Millionaire Mindset Sisterhood as part of a documentary series he is producing called, “I Build New York.”

The workshop in New Haven was going strong when a woman in the sisterhood rose and gave an emotional testimony during a question-and-answer session about how “so many guys are hanging in the streets and really need a sense of direction,” Hoskie said.

The sisterhood member said, “We really need to rise a brotherhood.”

Yoba jumped on the idea – and 21 men signed up right there.

“What’s important about making this an official brotherhood is that there is a wave of consciousness around financial literacy and the need for us to do things collectively that is rising by the day,” Yoba said. “The way that the brotherhood emerged organically out of what I consider a divinely inspired moment is because the moment was literally inspired by me hearing the words ‘tell all the men to stand up and come to the stage’ and I simply followed what I heard in my spirit.”

He said the concept of a Millionaire Mindset Brotherhood aligns with the values of Yoba Development, where the motto is, “We build people places and things in that order.”

“If we don’t educate the people on where the opportunities lie, how to make them work, how to make them work collectively, we will never experience the full abundance of what is possible for us collectively and individually,” Yoba said.

Hoskie, who will be part of the brotherhood leadership team, said they are starting with what they have and “will continue to grow,” aiming to be international like the women.

Anyone interested in the program can email Hoskie at

Hoskie, author of the book, “Poverty Curse Broken,” began in a life of poverty as a single mother, decided she was going to change all that for the sake of her baby son and, with faith as a constant companion, found that better life in financial wealth through real estate and educating women on creating revenue streams.