Theme: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!”

Registration - Soundscape Provided by DJ Soniwithaneye

After registration community members receive journals + pens and are encouraged to find space to ground their planted offerings and will have the opportunity to contribute personal photos in the Community Roots Gallery.

Plant Based Breakfast + Networking

Menu Curated by Black Girls Eat and Brooklyn STEAM Center Scholars.

Welcome to the YD Community

Brooklyn STEAM Center scholar co-host introduces Malik Yoba Founder/CEO Yoba Development who sets the theme and intention for the activation and introduces The Brooklyn STEAM Center founding Principal Dr. Kayon Pryce.

“The first real estate we own is in our minds.” – Malik Yoba

Tilling the Soil

Generational Wealth Growth Mindset Training Part 1: w/Cognitive Coach Krystal Rosa- Founder Mindful Me – a 20-minute guided meditation on cooperative economics and collective responsibility.

Life GPS w/ Malik Yoba – a 20-minute personal assessment activity to help community members examine, reexamine and identify their personal values versus their personality traits and to help achieve clarity on goals for school, professional career and community service choices. Based on the teachings of Human Resources expert and life coach Karla Hill, her former student Malik Yoba will offer her 10-step process for navigating “the self” on the road to success.

“You ain’t been nobody until you’ve been yourself” – Anonymous Homeless Man

Your Network is Your Net Worth

Networking + Community Move. Community members are encouraged to move to a different “neighborhood” from where they originally settled at top of day. Meet new neighbors and network.

Planting Seeds

Screening: Episode 1- The Real Estate Mix Tape – “I Build NY”

This docuseries follows Malik Yoba’s journey pursuing his first real estate development deal in NYC where he invited seven young people of color to join him to gain exposure to the ecosystem of the industry. In this episode, art imitates life while playing a fictional real estate developer on the CBS series “God Friended Me”, Yoba, as a real-life emerging developer, finds the inspiration to combine three of his life’s passions- real estate development, working with young people and film
making into a program called ‘I Build NY”. Screening followed by Q & A hosted by Brooklyn STEAM Center scholar with cast including real estate developers Matt Garland and director Malik Yoba.

In 1915 African Americans Owned 20 million acres of land. In 2023 We own 1.5 million.

From the Soil to The Plate to The Bank

Growing Crops for Profits: From urban farming to global commodities trading:
How black people are making money from the ground up.

James Gardner – Urban Farmer – 10 minutes – TEDx Alum, Greensboro North Carolina native, husband, father, educator/ speaks on the power of “growing plants and people” and his mission to transform food deserts in our communities while growing sustainable food sources and businesses in urban and rural America.

Hermie Chestnut – Global Commodities Trader – 10 minutes – Founder of Republik Corp. How to make millions selling sugar, soybeans and other plant-based goods and other things on the global market.

Panel 1 - Uprooting the Imposter Syndrome

How Overcoming Self-Doubt Leads to Winning When You’re the Only One that Looks Like You in the Room – Co-hosted by Brooklyn STEAM Center Scholar and Malik Yoba.

Janice Haughton – Turner Construction – Director, Community & Citizenship

LaMean Koroma – Cresa – Senior Vice President at Cresa Washington DC

Pay Wu – Founder MWBE Unite

Bonni Hendrix – BNYMellon – Director, Organizational Strategy & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Errol Pierre – SVP of State Programs at Healthfirst, leadership coach, healthcare strategist, public speaker, professor, and author (The Way Up)

Panel 2 - What I Wish I Learned in High School

Three Brooklyn STEAM Center scholars join three finance professionals in community banking and affordable housing development from BNYMellon Alexis Hammerle, Jerome Thomas and Clarence Burleigh in a conversation inspired by the notion that “we don’t know what we don’t know” and “you have to see it to believe it’s possible to achieve it.” The students will choose a topic in business or life that they want insight on, and the pros will share gems they’ve learned along the way worthy of passing on.

Increasing Profits for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises with City Contracts

Karine Apollon – New York City Department of Education’s first-ever Chief Diversity Officer is on a mission. In this role, she leads the DOE’s MWBE strategies to greatly expand economic opportunities for women and minority-owned businesses and its diversity, equity and inclusion strategies in hiring and procurement practices. With less than .01% of the $12B annual spending in DOE contracts going to BIPOC-led and owned businesses she is determined to help level the playing field. By Feburary 2023, her efforts in engaging more minority companies to do business business with the Depaprtment of Education has already surpassed the entire total of 2022 fiscal year.

LUNCH - Pop up by local food vendors

Screening: Episode 2 –The Real Estate Mix Tape “How Government Policy Created the Ghettos”

In this episode the young cohort learns about the history of redlining and how federal policy deliberately created the impoverished neighborhoods many of us grew up calling home and what steps we must take to overcome the generational challenges of being born into poverty. Q & A hosted by a Brooklyn STEAM Center student with cast, including architect and urban planner April De Simone and City Councilwoman Crystal Hudson.

Keynote: Who is Responsible for Re-building Our Communities?

John Crossman – Founder of Crossman Career Builders, Mr. Crossman is a real estate executive, nationally renowned public speaker who connects with audiences through powerful storytelling, vulnerability, and transparency. He prefers to speak on difficult yet relevant topics including race, mental health, suicide, community development, and bridge building.

** Full Ride Scholarship Opportunity for Qualified HBCU Graduate
Masters in Real Estate University of Florida offered by Bergstrom_Crossman Real Estate Scholarship

Panel 3 - Who Runs the World? - Black Women in Real Estate

In 2020, white women made up 36.7% of people working in the commercial real estate industry, including asset management professionals, Brokers, developers, and finance professionals. 2% · Hispanic Women: 1.9% · Black Women 1.7% · Asian Women: 1.1%. For every dollar a White male makes, White women earn 90%, Black women 85 cents, Asian women 86 cents, and Hispanic/Latinx women make 80 cents for every dollar that men earn. This panel will feature some of the brightest minds making a difference in the industry.

  • Angela Tharpe – Collier Companies Chief of Staff
  • Roberta Hoskie – Millionaire Mindset Sisterhood Founder/ Real Estate Investor
  • Tammy Jones – Founder Basis Investment Group $850M under management (Pending)
  • Valerie White – Senior Director – LISC NY
  • Krysta PateCEO of The Ownership Initiative
  • Disney FooteReal Estate Entrepreneur and CEO of Forreal Coffeehouse

Networking + Community Move

Members are encouraged to sit in a different “neighborhood” from
where they originally settled at top of day. Meet new neighbors and network.

An Introduction to Real Estate Development 101

Kenneth M. Morrison – Principal – Lemor Development Group LLC

Harlem native and real estate developer, Mr. Morrison will lead this session intended for anyone interested in learning the basics of how real estate development happens, from land acquisition, market research, site control, financing, construction, marketing and sales. Although this session is intended for novices, seasoned professionals of the community will offer great additional insight for the young people and others who have no clue on how our built environment comes to be.


Closing Remarks

Chancellor David Banks – Dept of Education

Malik Yoba

**** Programming Schedule Subject to Change